Eagle Metals is a specialty reroll mill manufacturing custom light gauge, tight tolerance copper based alloys, stainless steel, nickel based alloys and carbon steel strip of the highest quality.

The mill in Leesport, PA has been in operation since 1975 and is privately owned. Since the inception of our company, we have continuously strived to increase the breadth of our capabilities and expand our product offerings. We have a highly experienced, dedicated group of people who can uniquely design and build, or purchase and install state of the art equipment that enables us to produce material for the most demanding applications in the metals industry.

As a mill, we offer both the smallest quantity available in the industry at 100 lbs, while being able to produce the largest coils at 740 PIW.

Our strength lies in our ability to provide light gauge, tight tolerance material of the highest quality while providing quick lead times and excellent on-time delivery.

With two locations to serve you we can provide quick lead times and excellent on-time delivery.

Leesport, PA

  • Full service reroll mill

El Paso, TX

  • Quick response servicenter